LogoWald – Reafforestation and Marketing

reafforestation, local value creation and encouragement of the North-South-dialogue of the agenda 21 combined in a unique and patent-registered idea

The international environmental organization Bäume für Menschen – Trees for the World® is the owner of a petent registered in Germany and in the United States concerning a new reafforestation method to reforest cutover areas leaving open a lettering. Devastated surfaces are reforested in a unique way, so that left out areas depict a lettering (Logo) readable from space or out of an airplane.

LogoWald® combines reafforestation of cutover areas with global corporations‘ activities of public interest and can be realized in almost all areas worldwide concerned by devastation.
For the realisation of LogoWald® a surface of at least 10 square kilometers (3,16 x 3,16 km) is needed.

The principle of reafforestation by LogoWald® (LogoForest™)


20% of the total area are left out. This space forms the widely visible lettering or logo. The space results from the sylvicultural roads connected to each other and the fire protection aisles enlarged to up to 300 m and is intended to be used as a cattle herbage.
The core areas close to the lettering (about 40 % of the total area) are realized as a natural forest, which is not going to be sylviculturally exploited. Another 20% of the area are sustainably sylviculturally exploited forest. The 20 % that are left over are used for fruit-bearing trees, oen half for wildlings (such as marula, wild figs etc.) and one half for refined species (such as mango, papaya etc.).

The reafforestation method includes a sophisticated fence system protecting the saplings against pests such as wild game or production animal herds. Fire protection aisles of different caterories are also part of the system.
The LogoWald® method is an absolutely novel method of reforesting formerly green landscapes threatened by devastation or desertification.
Especially in developping countries or less developed districts, reafforestation is quite expensive and the responsible institutions, in most cases the public authorities, are not able to provide the necessary funds.
The aims of LogoWald® are the conservation of the environment, protection of soils and climate, considering the social situation. The project life span is 20 years. After that time the forest is left to natural succession.

Social sustainability

The projects are intended to be close to a settlement since LogoWald® creates about 50 sustainable jobs as well as agriculture and sylviculture. The local population gets the possibility to improve their life conditions and to get their cultural and economical independence.

Ecological sustainability

It is a longterm project which means that fences must be put up against damage caused by game animals. The indigenous natural forest will develop slowly protected by the plantation trees.

Economic sustainability

In the project phase already, an independent institution will go ahead and organize business and marketing (lumber, fruit) on the spot.

LogoWald® includes the installation of mother tree nurseries caring for a network of many local tree nurseries. The inclusion of indogenous employees is an essencial link for the people to identifiy with the need for reafforestation, realized according to parameters of an ecological, economic and social sustainability.

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