Arboretum including a nature trail

An arboretum (lat. arbor „tree“) is a collection of diverse, often also exotic plants, that are not
in planters. An arboretum could be a botanic garden, for example, with mainly trees and
shrubs planted. If exclusively shrubs are planted, it is called a „fruticetum“. If the arboretum
consists only of conifers, the collection is called a „pinetum“.

The arboretum of Bäume für Menschen – Trees for the World® is located on the area of the mother tree nursery in Ondangwa in the north of Namibia. It is composed of tree and shrub species of the
dry broadleaf forest typical for the country as well as other exotich trees and shrubs. Our collection of exotic plants has been designed to conserve the rare trees, shrubs and plants for future
generations, that have largely been extipated by now. In the arboretum a nature trail has been installed offering the possibility of seeing and studying the biodiversity of a formerly thick dry
broadleaf forest.
The region around Ondangwa has largely been devastated. There are only separate trees left and especially the young population of the region has not even seen a thick forest. That is why the nature trail in our arboretum is regularly visited by numerous school classes and used for training courses by teachers and pupils. In addition, the arboretum is used for the professional training of
ouremployeesas well as for scientific studies aiming at a recovery of a thick dry broadleaf forest in Namibia.
As an ecology-NGO of public interest we depend on donations to be able to preserve and expand the arboretum. You can support the arboretum with a tree parentship. Indogenous workers are responsible for the careful planting, growing and fostering of the trees and shrubs planted in your name.
With a tree parentship you secure the planting, growing and fostering of precious exotic trees or shrubs in the arboretum in Ondangwa as to conserves the biodiversity of a formerly thick dry
broadleaf forest for future generations in Namibia.
If you buy a tree parentship, you will receive a tree parentship certificate including an image and a description of the planted tree/shrub species. If you want to offer a tree parentship as an
extraordinary gift, we will send the certificate directly from Namibia to any desired destination in the world.

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