Here you can see a representative selection of our numerous reafforestation projects within the Ombuga Grassland Tree Planting Project (OGTPP), in which Bäume für Menschen – Trees for the World® has been involved since 2002. The project is led by the Ministry for agriculture, water and sylviculture of Namibia. In past eight years around 250000 seedlings of diverse species and origin have been planted on 11 plots of 2 to 60 hectares using a special test design. We have produced 60% of these plants under the most modern growing methods such as air pruning, and have even planted parts of them on the test plots after delivery.


In reafforestation the two methods „forest sowing“ and „forest planting“ are distinguished. With the sowing method the seedlings are usually well-rooted from the beginning. With the forest planting method it is different as the trees are likely to get damaged and the rootage deformed by the gardening tools used in reafforestation. This leads to the fact that the tree is less well-grounded.

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