Sustaining membership

What profit does a sustaining membership bring?

Your sustaining membership helps us to reforest devastated areas sustainably. Your sustaining membership is an investment into climate change mitigation and international aid.
Trees protect the climate, are home to many animal and plant species and source of life for all of us. Forests are the green heart of our planet, which has to be preserved at any cost.

With a sustaining membership you can support the conservation of our environment, our climate and our nature directly by creating new forests! Thanks to your membership we can breathe new life into devastated forests. So you do not only support the conservation of nature and biodiversity, but you also help filtering CO2 out of the atmosphere and protecting our climate sustainably.

Why is it so important to get involved?

The arboretum in Namibia is a collection of indigenous woods in danger of extinction. Many of the rare trees, shrubs and plants are in real danger and with our projects, we try to conserve them for future generations. Those who visit our arboretum can study the diversity of a formerly thick dry broadleaf forest on a nature trail. Especially in times of climate change our forests are an important
fundament for the biodiversity and a healthy environment. They guarantee clean phreatic water and quality soil, are home to many animals and plants, they are a carbon dioxide sink essential for survival and they represent the livelihood for the local rural population.

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