Tree fostering and tree planting

You want to learn more about the course of action or our tree
nursery in Namibia?

You want to offer someone a tree fostering or a tree? Since 1996 we are at your side, answer your questions in detail and initiate foster parenthood or plantings for you!

Frequently asked questions

Where is my tree going to be planted?

Your tree is going to be planted in Namibia. Bäume für Menschen – Trees for the World® cares for an arboretum of about 3 Hectares. This green garden is composed of tree and shrub species of the dry broadleaf forests typical for the country as well as other exotic plants.

Why is it so important?

The arboretum in Namibia is a collection of regional plants threatened with extinction. Many of the rare trees, shrubs and other plants are largely threatened with extinction and are intended to be preserved for future generations with the help of our foster parenthood system. Those who visit our arboretum can study the diversity of a formerly thick dry broadleaf forest on a nature trail.
Especially in times of climate change our forests are an important fundament for the biodiversity and a healthy environment. They guarantee clean phreatic water and quality soil, are home to many
animals and plants, they are a carbon dioxide sink essential for survival and they represent the livelihood for the local rural population.

Who is going to plant the tree?

We proudly can say that your tree is going to be planted by one of the indigenous employees of our tree nurseries. These people are going to send you your tree foster parent certificate directly from
Africa after your tree’s being planted.

Who can become a tree foster parent?

Anybody can become a tree foster parent and support the planting and care of precious exotic trees or shrubs. You can offer a tree foster parenthood for any occasion you can think of! For an
increased number of foster parent certificates or company gifts with an individual message, just contact us directly. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Thak you very much and all the best for you!

CEO Gottfried Brenner,
Bäume für Menschen – Trees for the World® e.V.

Information on planting trees and on tree foster parenthood:

Telephone: +49 (0)881 / 8001
Email: [email protected]

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