Planting trees

With your donation destroyed forests are reforested and you not only contribute to the conservation of nature and the preservation of biodiversity but also help to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and to
protect our climate sustainably.
At the same time jobs in Africa are secured with each tree planted and and a contribution is made in the fight against poverty in developing countries.
Each donated tree in Namibia is going to be planted and cared about on a plot (fenced-in area) by indigenous employees. The areas reforested so far can be found here:
» Reafforestations

Yes, I contribute to the global reafforestation against climate change and plant trees now.

At the same time I secure jobs and save lives with each planted tree.

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Donation receipt

You can deduct all donations to Bäume für Menschen - Trees for the World e.V. for tax purposes.

Normally, the paying-in slip of the bank applies as the receipt for tax purposes for donations up to 200 EUR, provided the donation has been declared as such.

If you need an additional receipt for tax purpose and you want to receive it by post, please fill in the following fields.

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